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5 reasons to have a fireplace feature wall | 2023

feature walls design with fire place and mantle piece

In previous articles, we have looked at everything from “What a feature wall is?” To “how much it costs”. In this piece, we will concentrate on Fireplace feature walls and give you expert advice on our top 5 reasons to have a fireplace feature wall in your home.

For those of you who don’t know what a fireplace feature wall is, it’s essentially the same as a feature wall but it uses the fireplace and/or mantle to act as the focal point as opposed to colour or gradient.

Fireplaces being used to focus a room is not a new interior design choice, but what many people don’t know is that there are more benefits than the improved aesthetic feel of a space.

With over 20 years in the trade and 100s of feature walls installed, I wanted to my readers my top 5 reasons to have a fireplace feature wall installed.

electric fireplace feature wall with white walls and black fireplace

Make a statement with a Fireplace

My first reason to have a fireplace feature wall is of course, aesthetic. Featured fireplaces can seamlessly tie in contradicting design themes such as retro and modern. Alternatively, they can be used to accentuate one particular style (for example an original fireplace for retro or regal, or a modern electric fire display for modern or post-modern design)

Ultimately a feature wall fireplace is a welcome addition to any design style, palette or taste.

feature wall using an electric fire place on two levels , soft grey furnishing on a black wall

Customise you feature fireplace wall

Fireplaces are highly customisable which makes them perfect as a focal point in any interior design project. The ability to combine fireplaces with everything from storage & wall panelling to bespoke media units makes them a firm favourite for living spaces such as bedrooms and lounges.

If you planning on incorporating an existing fireplace into a feature wall then you will need to consider its current style to ensure cohesion with your current design specifications.

But if you’re opting to install everything from scratch and move to an electric fireplace, then the design options are limitless.

My personal favourite fireplace feature wall utilising a modern interior was one we had the pleasure of installing in St Stephens Green Dublin, it featured two different fireplace features (electric) across two levels on an extraverted feature wall.

featured fireplace on a balck pillar

Versatility from feature wall design

Although fireplaces are often large structures, they are still highly versatile and can be used in almost every room.

As fireplaces are not only customisable but can be made to measure, they can entirely replace a traditional heating system while making every room far more aesthetically pleasing.

So whether you’re designing a bedroom, basement or even bathroom consider incorporating a feature wall or fireplace to draw focus and add a unique touch of your personality to the space.

accent feature wall with different colours on one wall

Reduce Maintenance

If during your renovation you decide to opt for an electric fireplace instead of a traditional wood-burning fire you will substantially reduce the amount of time and effort required to maintain it. Electric fireplaces while stylish, require little to no maintenance over their lifespans.

Another remarkable advantage of electric fireplaces is the ability to initiate a fire instantly by simply pressing a button. Additionally, you can regulate the heat output using the fireplace’s thermostat and even adjust the colour theme of the flames to match your mood.
Look after the cents

Another great benefit to stylish electric fireplace features walls is the reduced heating costs, a traditional heating system will heat the entire house, and an electric fireplace allows you to lower the thermostat and your monthly bills.

Historically electric fires were substantially more costly than other methods of heating, but with the technological advances in the last 10 years, you can now opt to only heat the room you spending time in and can do it for as little as 10 – 18cs per hour depending on what size and brand you opt for.

By reducing the central heating, and only fully heating the rooms you or your family are in, electric heaters can represent a substantial cost reduction on your energy bills.

Modern wall panelling in a contemporary lounge with large glass windows, sofas and coffe table

What can I put on the walls around my fireplace?

An accent wall is the best way to accentuate a pre-existing fireplace, I have found the optimum way is a mix of colour and gradient. Ideally only one should be striking, so if you use a heavy or strong gradient opt for a neutral colour and conversely if you use a strong or vibrant colour use a less obvious gradient.

feature tv wall, tv is on a white gradiented background

How to decorate a wall that has a fireplace?

When decorating a wall with a fireplace, the first consideration should be whether you plan to keep the existing fireplace or replace it with a new one. Whatever you decide in terms of the fireplace, will dictate the style and colour palette the surrounding walls and furnishings should use. Although this is not a concrete rule you must follow it’s a good rule of thumb when deciding how to decorate your room.

If you’re considering taking one or more rooms in your house to the next level with a featured wall fireplace, then the experienced team at Brightstar Bespoke Feature Walls can help.

Our team of designers, joiners and fitters have over 50 combined years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of bespoke feature walls.

Regardless of where you are in the process, we would love to hear from you and help in any way we can. Visit our contact us page, leave your details and one of our team will call you straight back alternatively you can ring us on 085 228 0690

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