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Are Feature Walls Out Of Fashion?

a feature wall backset with a tv and sofas , for the article are feature walls going out of fashion

When decorating a property there are many different design styles, options and trends available to you. The key consideration for you should be to decide on what you want from your home. Do you want a bachelor paradise or a safe family space? Do you want a neutral warm retreat? Or an outlandish bold statement? 

Whatever your taste, you may want to see what’s trending among other households. An increasingly popular design choices are feature walls and accent walls. In this article, we aim to answer the question “Are feature walls out of fashion?”.

What Styles have remained in fashion?

Social Media, IOT and new media have transformed the way trends come into focus, grow, explode and disappear. Interior design is no different, trends have become very fluid and go in and out like the tides. But some products have stood the test of time.

Feature Walls

Feature walls have managed to stand the test of time, of all interior design-related searches in 2022, feature walls ranked in the top two only exceeded by wall panelling.

Feature walls come in all different sizes, materials and utilities. The most popular version of this is the media or fireplace wall. These feature walls either use the television or fireplace as the focal point, if you particularly dareish you can even use both.


According to recent commerce features, sectionals are another undying trend, in fact, the sale of sectional furniture growing each year. 

sectional sofa in lounge for interior design article

Accent Walls?

Another unlikely contender for never going out of style is the age-old accent wall. A simple installation for any interior design project, but a highly effective one. Simply choosing one wall in a living space, and then applying a bold colour, pattern or material can completely transform your design feel.

accent wall in a bedroom

What styles have gone out of fashion?

There are many different styles across multiple industries that have fallen by the wayside, interior design is no different. In this segment, we will look at some of the styles that lose their snap, crackle and pop.

Whites & Neutrals 

White and Neutrals were long considered a staple of interior design, but recent Google trends and search data show that the public has lost the allure of plain interior design and is moving towards bold and geometric patterns to wow their guests. Unfortunately, if it’s not a car showroom or hospital hallway, whites seem to be on the way out.

Animal Prints

Another once-popular design choice is now becoming extinct – both real and faux animal prints. Whether it’s a rug or curtains, animal print is no longer the design of choice.

animal print rug in a modern irish lounge , interior design is sheek

Faux Leather 

What once was a thriving industry, has now collapsed into itself. While marketing data suggests demand for real leather has only slightly decreased, the demand for its faux counterparts has all but disappeared.

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