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How much does a feature wall cost?

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Feature walls have grown in popularity since the start of 2022; they are very much considered in vogue for 2023. The cost of a feature wall will depend on the style, size and type of feature wall you desire. But for most feature walls, the starting price is around €1000 and can go up to a few thousand euros, depending on the project.

This article will examine the features, styles and types of available feature walls and how best to implement them into your home. But first, we ask……..

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is a wall that ads focus on or emphasise in a room. A feature wall is considered any wall that drastically differs from the other walls in the same space. This can be achieved through colour, design or installation. (such as a custom tv unit or entertainment centre)

What are the most popular feature walls?

There are several popular designs available at the moment, but the most striking, in our opinion, are

Custom Entertainment Unit | Feature Walls

Although it’s sad to see a decline in the reading of classic books, most of the population absorbs content via their televisions, either through terrestrial television, cable television or streaming platforms.

Because of this, especially where children are involved, the selection of household entertainment devices can become extensive. A house with a few children can easily have a TV, Dvd Player, Gaming Console, Cast Devices, Alexa or smart home devices, DVDS, Cds and other new technologies taking up space.

So a great way to store these items and modernise a living space is a feature wall, where the feature is a custom-built entertainment unit.

The possibility of storage and designs are endless….

Wall Pannelled Featured Walls

The second most popular feature wall of 2023 (and with good reason) is a wall-panelled feature wall.

Wall panelling has rocketed back into fashion over the last few years, reaching its Apex in December 2022 – when it was one of the most searched interior design products according to google.

The most popular style for 2022 was Shaker Style wall Panelling.

Although the shaker style was the most popular, a range of styles can be selected when considering all the wood variants available. Then there are 1000s of styles available to make your space perfect.

Our favourite styles are Shaker, V-groove, Modern, Traditional and Shiplap.

Book Case Feature Walls 

As mentioned above, most feature walls now use a custom tv unit. However, there are still a fair few households that use the bookcase as the focal part of a room. 

Even though popularity has dwindled in the last few years, Bookcase feature walls (especially when built into natural or constructed alcoves) are by far one of our personal favourites. They should never be overlooked when considering what to do with your feature wall.

Fire Place Feature Wall

A fireplace changes the aesthetics and atmosphere of any room. Along with the cosy warmth it provides, the look of the flames also adds an appealing aesthetic that livens up a space.

Surrounding that fireplace with a stylish feature wall only empathise qualities. Feature walls can totally change the tone of the design of a room by making a clear focal point. When done right, this design choice won’t clash with your interior design; it will complement it.

Fireplace feature walls can be more than just the focal point of a room, too. In the hands of an experienced professional, it can transform a living space into whatever you desire.

If your room is not big enough for an original fireplace, then a smaller electric “faux” fireplace can still be a welcome decision as a design choice,

Alcove Unit  Feature Walls

The last installation feature wall but by no means least, is Alcove. What better way to maximise space and storage while offering a focal design than alcove storage units?

Much older houses have natural alcoves on either side of the chimney breast. They are also common in modern homes, where renovations and extensions have created unusual nooks or indents.

Bespoke, custom-made, built-in storage is a great way to make the most of these often-overlooked corners. There are many options for stylish and functional alcove shelving and cupboards which can make a massive difference to how you use your living space.

Feature Walls Dublin | Brightstar Joinery

If you’re considering a feature wall for your home, contact Brightstar Joinery. Our experienced team can help you transform your house into a home by bringing your vision to life.

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