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Top feature wall designs of 2022


Feature walls have risen in popularity over the last few years; in this article, we will cover our favourite feature walls.

Number 10 – Unique wall panelling

The unique soundbar design of this wall panelling piece is breathtaking. The different lengths of Wood give the room a very spacious feel.

The gapping between the slants is symmetrical, with every extended piece being a different length.

This custom finish creates the illusion of more space, gives the room more depth, and creates a stunning focal point within the living area.

Although this is a fully customised piece, there are many different styles of wall panelling to choose from when you combine.

Number 9 –  Wall Panelling TV Wall

Another great wall panelling design is this TV wall that features individual strips of wood in a vertical format, again creating the illusion of space.

The key to this design is to hang the tv on a fixed bracket. The bracket must be fixed to the wall and not the vertical slats, as they will be weight-bearing and likely tear off if too much weight is placed on the wall.

Although it’s almost unnoticeable in the image, the slats are at a slight angle, giving a nice ridge effect.

Number 7 – Alcove spaced TV wall

Number 7 pick of 2022 is the alcove-spaced tv wall; this unique design depends heavily on the space’s architecture.

But the design can be replicated in older Irish homes where the fireplace has alcoves on either side; in this instance, we recommend placing panelling on both sites of the protruding section.

The stylish brown panelling featured in the images allows for a privacy screen between the two living spaces. The spacing is razor-thin, making light flow freely through; this amplifies the size of the living area while maximising the feeling of space.

This design is a little more complex because of the lamp fixture attached to the privacy panelling; the electronics must be wired through a cage inside the privacy alcove.

Number 6 – Custom Storage and panelling Wall

Number 6 is a truly modern design, utilising custom-built storage and a half backdrop of wall panelling; this stylish yet functional design would be a welcome addition to any interior design style.

The Cabinet on the left side sits on a wall protrusion; what would otherwise be dead space becomes a functional storage cabinet and display shelf.

The unit below the tv is also custom-built and made to measure; the indented horizontal slats compliment the vertical slats behind the tv unit, giving a modern, sleek feel.

This room, in reality, is tiny, but with the slatted design and protruding cabinet, coupled with loads of natural light from the bay window, it feels like a much larger living space.

Number 5 – Custom Storage and panelling Wall

This striking wall panelling is halfway in our top ten Feature wall designs. Each section was custom-made using identical size rectangles layered on each other.

The difference in the thickness of the panels and how some protrude further than others gives a unique feel to this already stylish living space.

Both the staircase and the slats were custom-built and complemented others.

Number 4 –  Games Room Feature Wall

When we found this game room design, we had our breath taken away. This beautiful combination of dark wood and mismatched planks is a stylish way to emphasise a space.

Number 3 –  Ceiling and Wall Accent Tiles

No list would be complete without a homage to wall and ceiling panels; this stylish choice transforms an ordinary bedroom into a living space you will never want to leave.

Number 2 –  Optical Illusion Panelling

What can I say that the picture doesn’t? This optical illusion-inspired TV with built-in shelving is a monument to what designers can do when they think outside the box.

Made from 20 8-metre lengths of solid finished oak, this tv wall is a design choice none of your guests will ever forget,

Number 1 –  Custom Entertainment Feature Wall

The number one spot in this article would always be reserved for the mighty custom entertainment unit.

This unit features a faux wall into which the tv and alcove storage is built.

Not only does this house the tv and its wires, but it also offers ample display storage.

Finally, the fireplace nestles perfectly and runs the same width as the TV above; every element of this unit was custom-made.

What would be better than sitting with loved ones or cherished friends watching a new box office hit on this magnificent custom tv feature wall?

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