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Wall Panelling

A firm favourite in Ireland at the moment is the reinvigoration of wall panelling , although it’s always been one of the first choices for the 30+ market now millennials are starting to appreciate wall panelling too ,  it’s actually on track to be the largest trend of 2023.

Shaker style wall panelling

Currently, our most popular wall panelling, although probably the simplest in design, it adds a huge impact to any room, creating a warmer, more inviting space.

Shaker style uses raised would to create rectangles around the perimeter of either the lower 50% of the wall or the entire wall depending on preference. It works best in modern or retrofit modern properties, but would also be visually appealing in any property.

Brightstar is a shaker style specialist and has been installed in 100s of homes across the republic, it offers an affordable, modern, stylish uplift to your lounge, bedroom snug or living areas.

Traditional style wall panelling

A great choice for older properties or new properties looking for a more regal feel. We can offer all the favourite traditional wood panelling options whether its Elizabethan, Georgian or victorian, Bright star joinery has installed the lot.

Made to measure and completely bespoke , we will find the right height, wood colour and design to make your interior dreams come true.

V Groove wall panelling

V groove wall panelling has long been used across Ireland, especially in the older style builds which regularly had lower roofs than properties today, the v grove design can be used in a vertical or horizontal method either giving the perception of more height or more length. 

This design is very popular as it can compliment almost any interior design profile, modern to traditional, v groove wall panelling can give your space a breath of fresh air.

BEADBOARD wall panelling

Beadboard is a type of wood panelling that consists of vertical grooves and small ridges between each plank.

Beadboard is a row of narrow wood planks lined vertically on the wall. In between each wood plank is a little indentation or ridge—also known as a “bead”.

Made to measure and completely bespoke , we will find the right height, wood colour and design to make your interior dreams come true.


Board and batten is a type of wood panelling that uses wide boards that are nailed side by side, often vertically.

And there is a narrow strip of wood, called a “batten. That is fastened over the seams between wood boards that add 3-dimensionality and character to the siding.

image of a fireplace feature wall build into an offset alcove unit and bespoke wall panelling behind

wAll PANElling with radiator covers

Wall panelling a radiator is different to wall panelling around a radiator. When you will panel with a radiator you are using the same style pallette on the wall panelling as you do with the radiator covers.

Wall pannelling with a radiator works well in older style or victorian houses.


Another popular style choice in 2023 is wall panneliing which is fitted around radiators, otherwise knows as Radiator or Radcovers. When fitting wall panneling around radiators, you can choose from all the same styles as traditional wall panelling such as:

  • Wainscoting.
  • Shiplap.
  • Nickel Gap.
  • Beadboard.
  • V-Joint.
  • Prefinished Rustic.
  • Board and Batten.



image of wall panelling that goes around a raditator with a bespoke rad cover in dublin

Why Choose Us for your wall panelling needs?



We have designed, manufactured and installed wall pannelling on over 100 different properties. Each with our own creative input and design.


Our experienced team has over 150 combined years in producing, designing and installing bespoke wall panelling.


With over 500 5^ reviews, you know your in the best possible hand.


We check every details of the site, plansa and customer requirments prior to starting the manufacture or design process.


At Brighstar Joinery we are often asked the same group of questions when a customer is considering installing bespoke wall panelling. We have displayed a few of these questions below.

As with any bespoke product there are contributing variables that amend price. Wall pannelling price will vary depending on Colour, Finish, Style, Size and Panel Profile.

If you would like a free quotation or indicative cost for your wall panelling give our team a call today.

The space perception element of a room, is not dictated by the wall panelling but the colours. Darker colours of wood or paint make a room feel snugger and smaller, where as light colours open up a space and make it feel more airy and large.

Yes at bright star we have panelled around our own radiator covers, pre-existing covers and uncovered radiators.

When selecting your ideal wall panelling you can select:

Colour, Finish, Style, Size and Panel Profile

Ready with to start designing your own bespoke wall panelling?

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